C A N s'   Performance

Several financial figures describe how well Cultural, Arts, and Natural Science institutions serve the public. Click on the name of the institution on the left and see its figures on the right. For explanation of a performance measure, place cursor over the measure name.


Web Site: {Inst} Year: {Year} NTEE: {NTEE_Clare}   PERFORMANCE MEASURES
as Percentages
Direct Contributions {Direct}   Donations / Total Revenue {DonorPC}
Government {Govt}   Government / Total Revenue {GovtPC}
Program {ProgRev}   Program / Total Revenue {ProgRevPC}
Dues {Dues}
Securities Gains {Invest}   Business / Total Revenue {Business}
TOTAL {TotalRev}
Program {ProgExp}   Program Revenue / Expense {ProgExpPC}
Administration {Admin}   Admin / Total Expense {AdminPC}
Fund Raising {Fund}   Fund Raising / Amount Raised  {FundPC}
TOTAL {TotalExp}
Net, Year-End {Assets}   Assets / Net Revenue Ratio {AssetsPC}

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Revenue from Rentals, Investments, Stores and Others as % of Total Revenue.
All Direct, Indirect, and Government donations as % of Total Revenue
Ratio of Year-end financial assets (excluding art and artifacts) to net of Total Revenue less Total Expense.
Fund Raising expense as % of Amount Raised which includes receipts from donor-advised funds, direct donations, foundations and charities, and governments.
Management and general expenses needed to keep the doors open, excluding fundraising, as a % of Total Expense
Program Revenue (as above) as % of Total Expense, indictating programs' ability to support themselves..
Program Revenue includes admissions and services, and memberships and dues. Shown as a % of Total Revenue
Government grants as a percent of Total Revenue. (Also included in Donations.)