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These pages deal with Cultural, Arts, and Natural Science institutions (CANs) ability to sustain themselves with revenue from three sources: Program Services, Donations, and Business activities.  They compete among themselves, and with other education and entertainment venues for money from the general public, foundations, and government.  Of course, collections, facilities, and expertise contribute to success but we focus on revenue because, at the end of the month, bills must be paid.

The pages mapped below present different views of CANs’ revenue and expense, and associated issues.

Use the Performance section to look up details such as amount spent on fundraising, or donations as a percent of revenue. 

The Sustainability sections show the financial limits of the highest ( and lowest) acheivers for each revenue category.

For the highest and lowest acheivers in each financial category, see where the rest of the revenue comes from in Balance pages.

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Financial figures and performance measures for hundreds of institutions.


Composite models show the range of financial perfomance that can be realized, for each of the institution categories.


The top and bottom performers for Program Services, Donations, and Business revenue categories are identified and explained for each type of institution.


The balance among the three revenue sources show how each revenue component contributes to the whole.
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