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These pages address the issue of  Cultural, Arts, Natural Science, and Science and Technology (CANS) institutions’ sustainability by combining information on their revenue from Program Services, Donations, and Businesses.  Their facilities range from a ‘living room’ to sprawling campuses.  But size alone in not a good predictor of stability, so the revenue sources have been combined into an overall financial rating, the VPR, for each institution.

This page shows the distributions of the individual VPR for Arts, Natural History, and Science and Technology institutions, across an institution number. 

Click on a chart to see invididual VPRs behind the distributions.


Arts Institution Number

Natural History Institution Number



Science and Technology Institution Number

Average 3.86

Average 3.88

Average 3.81

There are several similarities among the different CAN categories:  
 The distributions are similar -- they have the same proportion of high, medium and low performers.
 The averages are the same indicating that they share the same financial issues.RateArtA.html
The performance range for Nat. Hist. institutions, however, is narrower reaching neither the height nor depth of Arts institutions.RateNatA.html
While the average SciTech institution’s financial performace is the same as the other categories, its best performance is  about 7 times lower than Arts.RateSciA.html

See VPRexplanation for the derivation and significance of the VPR.