VastPast is a window into the past that illuminates the present, providing information about Cultural, Arts, and Natural History institutions.  The initial pages provide financial data and analyisis of interest to donors, trustees, and organization management.


The VastPast Rating (VPR) combines several financial factors into a single figure of merit in-dicating an organization’s ability to thrive and meet its public responsibility.RateIntro.html

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The economics of sample CANs is examined with respect to competition for consumer revenue.  Competition and constraints imposed by organizational cultlure are cited.Survey.html
A perspective is provided by:
Identifying the top and bottom performers in generating revenue from Program Services,Donations, and Business activity,
Individual financial figures and performance measures are provided for 1000 institutions, and
Models are presented indicating possible improvements in each category.  Perspective.html

Top 10 Arts

Profiles of institutions and people available shortly.

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